About the Program

The Project ‘Capacity Development for Evidence-Based Land & Agricultural Policy Making’ is designed to support the capacity of the Government of Ukraine in development of agricultural and land reform policy based on data evidence and empirical analysis results. For this purpose the project enhances the analytical part of the reform process and by creating a Land Governance Monitoring sytem in Ukraine it supports the central authorities and society with relevant and reliable data on the state of land relations

The project is finance by the World Bank. It is implemented in cooperation with 17 state establishments, international and Ukrainian non-governmental organizations. Their representatives were included to the Steering Committee of the Project, which approves the priorities of the project, as well as to working group on Land Governance Monitoring and other activities. The project is implemented by the INGO Kyiv Economics Institute (KEI) at the Kyiv School of Economics.

The main products of the Project are: (1) Analytical notes on the topics that are needed for decision-making in land and agricultural policy. Analysis takes into account international experience and provides recommendation on its applicability for Ukraine. (2) Land Governance Monitoring, it integrates all existing indicators on land resources, their use and land reform. To implement the Monitoring, the Project actively cooperates with corresponding bodies of executive power. (3) Conducting expert discussions, presentations and publications in the media on the results of the analytical work and Monitoring.