February 6, 2016

Restrictions on farmland sales markets: a survey of international experience and lessons for Ukraine

Land market in Ukraine is yet emerging. Despite establishment of private property for land and 25 years of reforms, it is not fully functional. Its ‘rental’ arm has been the main farmland transaction channel for farmers and landowners. Its ‘sales and purchases’ arm is virtually dysfunctional due to the farmland sales moratorium that effectively prohibits sales transactions in the farmland market
January 19, 2016

Land Prices and Size of the Market: What to Expect for Ukraine

It is expected that prices for agricultural land in Ukraine will be significantly lower than in most Western European countries but similar to prices in Eastern Europe
January 12, 2016

On consequences of introducing a minimum duration of rental contracts for agricultural land

In April 2015 Ukraine introduced a 7-years minimum duration of rental contracts for agricultural land. The aim of this report is primarily assessing possible economic implications of this restriction, as well as evaluation of a decision-making process that resulted in adoption of this restriction.
November 15, 2015

Land Market: A Step Forward

Possible cancellation of the Moratorium on sale of agricultural land has been a hot topic recently. This articles describes inefficiencies of the current situation and prompts three versions on how it can develop, analysing pros and cons of each approach.
November 15, 2015

Analysis of the legislative provisions for the land reform in Ukraine

Currently, there is no single comprehensive official policy document stipulating a framework for reforms in governance of land resources in Ukraine. A number of land reform activities are included in three normative acts and in the Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development 2015–20, developed under the leadership of European Union Delegation to Ukraine.
November 15, 2015

Security of Property Rights and Transition in Land Use

Institutional reforms that reduce uncertainty and improve protection of rights are also a pre-condition for economic productivity gains