December 19, 2019

Для чего контролировать чрезмерную концентрацию сельхозземель? Мировой опыт и наши реалии

Это один из проблемных пунктов реформы рынка земли. Как предлагает решить вопрос законопроект 2178-10?
December 10, 2019

Program Newsletter #4 October-November 2019

This year's fall became a turning point for land reform in Ukraine. Parliament is now discussing a package of laws that will establish the foundation for a comprehensive land reform in order to promote agriculture development, particularly for smallholders, and improve efficiency, accessibility and transparency of land administration.
December 4, 2019

От $10 млрд до нуля: сколько Украине может стоить земельная реформа. Исследование

Два ведущих эксперта агросферы Олег Нивьевский и Клаус Дейнингер создали модель - сколько Украине принесут разные варианты земельной реформы
November 25, 2019

A geoinformation resource has been opened in Ukraine

It combines subject-related geoportals and serves as a source of Ukrainian territory geodata which is legally authorized for distribution.
November 20, 2019

Policy paper Economic And Distributional Impact From Lifting The Farmland Sales Moratorium. Full Version

Moratorium on farmland sales in Ukraine has been in place since 2001. The scale of moratorium is impressive. It affects close to 70% of the territory and 16% of the Ukraine’s population that cannot freely dispose of their farmland plots.
November 20, 2019

Policy brief Economic And Distributional Impact From Lifting The Farmland Sales Moratorium In Ukraine

Based on the results of the modelling scenarios and taking into account global experience we therefore summarize below key recommendations with respect to the desired farmland market design for Ukraine.