December 26, 2016

I support the moratorium, but want to be able to sell land: the paradoxes of Ukrainians’ attitudes to lifting the moratorium on sale of agricultural land, as revealed by sociology

The parliamentary hearings on the topic: “The regulation of agricultural land turnover: in search of a Ukrainian model”, held on December 21, once again showed that land reform in Ukraine (as in previous two decades) has been hindered by politicians’ populism and low awareness among citizens about the possibilities that a land market can provide to them personally.
June 23, 2016

Prospects for implementation of Land Ombudsman. Position in Ukraine. Legal aspects. SUMMARY

The opening of land market is expected to expand the forms of disposal of land rights. Along with ownership and use, the implementation of land market will also enable landowners to sell, pledge, and use their land in financial mechanisms and otherwise according to the principles of freedom of contract and the freedom to dispose of one’s property – as provided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the human rights, and international legal norms.
March 14, 2016

Рейтинг регіонів: Методика і Звіт

Індекс стану земельних відносин – інноваційний інструмент для оцінки стану земельних відносин та динаміки їх реформування у районах і містах України, розроблений у рамках Проекту «Підтримка реформ у сільському господарстві та земельних відносинах в Україні».