Four steps to realize benefits from land reform in Ukraine

Land reform in Ukraine discussed representatives of the President’s office; the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture; the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Communities and Territories Development, the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre; Kyiv School of Economics and the World Bank.
It was recognized that to realize benefits from land reform in terms of realizing Ukraine’s agricultural potential, expanding jobs and rural welfare and ensuring environmental protection (and to reduce the risk of unfavorable outcomes), four steps are still urgently needed.
🤝First, Parliament needs to approve remaining laws relating to land reform (DL 2194, 2195, 3295 and 3205) as soon as possible.
🤝Second, responsible Ministries need to expedite work on the more than 30 CMU resolutions to be approved (implying almost one resolution per week between now and the opening of land market).
🤝Third, all responsible institutions need to step up collaboration to start establishing institutions, data bases, and procedures to improve land circulation and allow farmers to take advantage of new opportunities.
🤝Fourth, there is need for a broad-based information and communication campaign to make people aware of their rights, rules and procedures as well as the best way to exercise these rights and defend them against challenges.
Participants agreed that the four steps are well within reach, but the prompt actions were necessary. They agreed to continue improving inter-institutional coordination and (with technical and financial support from the World Bank and its partners) urgently make progress in these four areas.  More info is here: