Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine

assist the Government of Ukraine
in introducing transparent land markets to enhance efficiency of land use and
provide a basis for investment in the rural sector

of land data 

Enables public monitoring which prevents communities and the state from corrupted land management and private landowners from raider attacks in collaboration with UkrGeo geodata producers association established a geoserver ( where a nation-wide baseline of cultivated land based on interpretation of satellite imagery overlaid with land that has not been registered from SGC is available and can be queried and overlaid with a base-map of orthophotos Statistics on unregistered yet cultivated land by oblast have been prepared.

Complete and accurate land registration

Helps to be informed on what and how much land is owned by the state/ communities/ citizens; protect property rights to land; prevent conflicts between private landowners and land tenants in communities (for instance, caused by overlaps in the StateGeoCadastre); accelerate establishing small and medium farms as an essential pre-condition of agri-sector crediting by banks; simplify access of agri-producers to finance and stimulate generation of added value; create new job places and raise living standards in rural areas; increase the potential land value when land market is opened.

Analysis of actual land use

Helps to determine the efficiency and productivity of land use, land use beneficiaries, and environmental impact of land use. It also allows each community to increase the economic returns on using its land.

Simplification of land procedures

Decreases corruption and catalyzes land-related business activity. The Agrarian Registry pilot project was launched in December, 2019 with the goal to ease obtaining the user-related information from the State Land Cadastre, the Registry of Legal Entities and Individuals, the Registry of Property Rights, the Registry of Animals, in particular, on land parcels in ownership and use, registered animals, and so on.