I support the moratorium, but want to be able to sell land: the paradoxes of Ukrainians’ attitudes to lifting the moratorium on sale of agricultural land, as revealed by sociology

The parliamentary hearings on the topic: “The regulation of agricultural land turnover: in search of a Ukrainian model”, held on December 21, once again showed that land reform in Ukraine (as in previous two decades) has been hindered by politicians’ populism and low awareness among citizens about the possibilities that a land market can provide to them personally. Policy-makers (except for quite a few) confirmed they do not hurry to lift the moratorium, appealing to a sort of unpopularity of such step among citizens. They refer to a rather superficial analysis of sociological research results. Moreover, such references can be seen as a vivid example of manipulation with public opinion because the results of an opinion poll directly depends on how the question is worded.

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