International conference “Effective land management as a prerequisite for the development of Ukraine”

April 23, 2019, Lviv. International conference “Effective land management as a prerequisite for the development of Ukraine”. The organizer – Support to Transparent Land Management in Ukraine – presented a systematic approach to land management and experience in this topic in Germany, Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, as well as the European Commission’s Research Center.

As tools for improving the efficiency of land management, the organizers proposed: (1) complete and correct land tenure (2) transparency of data (3) protection of owner’s rights; (4) analysis of actual land use and opportunities. The use of these tools will increase the economic returns from the land. The main topics of the conference were: Improvement of the cadastral system; Improvement of the regulatory framework and registration of rights to land; Effective land management as a way to strengthen local self-governance; Information on land plots and monitoring of land relations. All presentations of the Conference are here:

The participants of the conference presented a range of state bodies and organizations involved in land administration in Ukraine: acting Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Olga Trofimtsov, Deputy Minister of Justice Irina Sadovskaya, Deputy Chairman of the State Geocodist Alexander Krasnolutsky, Deputy Chairman of the Lviv OGA Roman Philip, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, Cabinet of Ministers Reforms, heads of Prozorro.Sales, SETAM, Coordination Center for Legal Assistance, USAID profile associations (Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business, All-Ukrainian Association of Village and Village Councils), heads of rural and district oats International partners were represented by representatives of the EU Delegation in Ukraine, Christian Ben Helm, and the World Bank, Baer El-Hifnavi and leading economist Klaus Deininger.