The Ninth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics, May 17-19, 2023 Washington, DC

Analytical products supported by the project were presented at the “Ninth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics,” which was held from May 17-19, 2023  at the World Bank in Washington, DC. The team organized the session:  Earth Observation to Assess Conflict-Related Agricultural and Environmental Damage. The session was chaired by MAPF deputy Prime Minister Denys Bashlyk . This session featured the following presentations:

  • Identification and Mapping Missiles Craters & Unexploded Ordnance in Agricultural Fields Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery. SPEAKER: Sergyi Skakun, Presentation:

  • Assessing War-related Field Damages Using Freely Available Satellite Data & Machine Learning. SPEAKER: Natalia Kussul, Presentation:

  • Testing Robustness of Country-wide Synoptic Crop Area Estimates Using Machine Learning Techniques Applied in the Ukraine War Impact Assessment. SPEAKER: Guido Lemoine, Presentation:

  • Using Cash Grants to Support Conflict-affected Farmers in Ukraine: Implementation Modalities, Targeting and Initial Impact. SPEAKER: Klaus Deininger, Presentation: