Citizens received free legal aid on land issues in 30 villages

60 mobile consultations on land-related issues took place in rural areas in September – December 2018. All the consultations were provided to citizens free of charge. They were delivered under the World Bank and the EU Program “Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine”, in collaboration with the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision of the Ministry of Justice Ukraine, in three pilot oblasts (Lviv, Kyiv, and Mykolaiv).

The purpose was to grant access to qualified land legal aid to rural residents, including villages remote from rayon centers and elderly citizens, many of whom are land share owners and find it difficult to travel outside their village and thus may be deprived of a possibility to obtain free legal assistance.

In total, consultations covered 30 villages – 18 villages in Snihurivskyi rayon of Mykolaiv oblast, 7 villages in Bilotserkivskyi rayon of Kyiv oblast, and 5 villages in Pustomytivskyi rayon of Lviv oblast. The consultations lasted 2 – 3 hours each in the premises of village councils, according to the schedules published in advance. They were provided by specialists of the Free Legal Aid System of the Ministry of Justice. Residents from other settlements were also able to obtain consultations.

A total of 400 individuals received legal consultations during the period.